Cast off to face the journy many dont make through and face the demons known as Shura's and Dalimya and work through the paths to acend your way into an angel known as a slyph and corina
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 Races of the Site

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Sakuya Nita Mori
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Bio:: Hybrid - Shura and Slyph Mixed together
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800000000000/800000000000  (800000000000/800000000000)
10000000000000/100000000000  (10000000000000/100000000000)

PostSubject: Races of the Site   Sun May 18, 2008 9:08 am

Beings who do not posess the shoku power but are indeed infeior to the shura race

demons who care only for themselves hate the idea of love and hate the way humans thinking skills and emotions and they do posess shoku power

angel beings who love emotions and posess shoku power and hope tto rid of all shuras

a mix of slyph and shura and care only for themselves they also posess the shoku power but little amounts of it
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Races of the Site
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