Cast off to face the journy many dont make through and face the demons known as Shura's and Dalimya and work through the paths to acend your way into an angel known as a slyph and corina
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 Minora's raged modes

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PostSubject: Minora's raged modes   Wed May 28, 2008 12:00 pm

Dark angel form level 1, the hair is let free..

Dark angel form level 2:
Dark angel form level 3:
Water angel form level 1:
Water angel form level 2:
Water angel form level 3:
Water angels can manipulate water
Lighting angel level 1: can send out small ligthing bolts
Ligthing angel level 2: can create a doppelganger and they both can send ligthing bolts
Ligthing angel level 3: Can send out ligthing bolts from the sword and send out a wave of lighting, when hit with the sword it shocks you a bit
Fire angel level 1:
Fire angel level 2:
Fire angel level 3:


Human form with school uniform

Human form with normal clothes, the sword is hidden:
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Minora's raged modes
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