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 sweetdream an nightmare

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PostSubject: sweetdream an nightmare   Tue May 27, 2008 10:00 pm

Name-sweet dreams an nightmare

Appearance-the gold gun is sweet dreams an the black one is nightmare

Weapon type- guns one in each hand

Bio- thies guns have never need ammo. they use the powers from the dream relm to induse sleep. the sweet dreams make the people fall asleep. it relaxs them an alows kazuma to enter there dreams an watchs what they normaly dream of an alows him to find info on them with out force. nightmare make it so kazuma can mess with there dreams an make the person have a nightmare this puts fear in to their hearts so that when they see kazuma again they some what fear him. theis ar only used when hes in human form.(its the pic). there is never any real harm down besides making the person afraid of kazuma. the gun each have a 3 round burst an can only be fired twice per topic.
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sweetdream an nightmare
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