Cast off to face the journy many dont make through and face the demons known as Shura's and Dalimya and work through the paths to acend your way into an angel known as a slyph and corina
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 MajikkuSonzai Ryoushi

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Maikuro KiyoRaka


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PostSubject: MajikkuSonzai Ryoushi   Wed May 21, 2008 2:13 pm

Name-MajikkuSeizon Ryoushi(Magic Being Hunter)

Appearance-Twin swords in my human form on siggy

Weapon type- Dual Scimitars(Twin Curved Swords)

Bio- After surpressing my shoku power into my human form, it expels itself through the MajikkuSonzai Ryoushi. This sword has a 'special' effect, coming from the hybrid shoku power used to forge it. Since hybrids are made of Angels and Demons, their shoku power would be mixed of both. This being, the right sword has the power to deal 200-250% damage than normal to a demon, and the right 200-250% damage than normal to an angel.

~Human Form
~Angel Form
~~**Me and my Sakuya**~~
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MajikkuSonzai Ryoushi
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