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 Shield System (Read this -.-)

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Zian Hart


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PostSubject: Shield System (Read this -.-)   Tue May 20, 2008 4:14 pm

The Shield System for the +Hunter+ Base is complex with energy towers stationed outside the building forming a square shape. The sheild blocks any outside attack or solid object from going though it (like a tank or car) but allows any humanoid or animal to pass though freely. Non-human's can only get though while in their human form. If they transform into their normal form the alarms will sound and the energy towers will deliver either demotic or angelic energy at the target until it's 100 feet from the Shield Grid. After the non-human is outside the grid they can revert to and from their other forms without harm.

(Note: This is made to keep non-hunter/human members out -.- so stay out...)

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Shield System (Read this -.-)
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